CARE for Your Aging Parent

It’s a subject we don’t often think of and one we hope to answer before we have to face the reality of an elderly parent being unable to care for themselves properly in their own home, or even an accident such as a fall. Your parent’s home can be a dangerous place when not properly equipped for their needs.  From simple modifications like grab bars and other daily living aid devices, to more extensive modifications such as entry ramps, assorted transfer lifts or barrier free showers, the answers to a few of the more often asked questions are below.

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“Won’t these modifications take away from the beauty of the home?”

Most times, we can help you choose a solution that will not only provide the level of assistance that is needed, but also match or compliment the decor of the home.  One example is our line of designer grab bars.  They come in several finishes and are designed to blend in with the existing bathroom décor and not take away from the beauty of the home in any way.

“What if we don’t need or want these modifications to be permanent?”

Almost every solution can be removed just as easily as it was installed.  A crew of our accessibility specialists can easily uninstall most items, leaving little to no trace that the item was ever there.  Often times, it only involves a mere patching of a few holes to make the installation site look as it did prior to the installation.  Some items, such as barrier free shower units, of course can not be so easily uninstalled.  However, you can take comfort in the fact that such modifications to the home will actually increase the home’s value in the end.

“Who should I contact to help me decide which home modifications best suit my parent’s needs?”

Once you have taken the first step and talked with your aging parent’s about home modifications as an alternative to moving to an assisted living center or to in-home care, you have completed the most difficult step.  The next, most important step is to contact someone who specializes in the accessibility field, as we do.  There should be no compromise when it comes to your loved ones safety, and the best professional advice should always be sought before making any modifications. Hiring a mere “general” contractor with no experience making homes accessible should be avoided.  The mere ability to swing a hammer or turn a wrench does not suffice when it comes to modifying your parent’s home for both their safety and comfort.

Working with a company such as ours that specializes in accessibility will give you the advantage of having a team of experts with years of knowledge and experience in home accessibility modifications to help you find the right solutions for your parent’s home and their needs.

Contact CARE today for more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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