Choosing your lift with CARE

CARE - Straight Stair Lift

When looking into lift solutions for your home or for the home of someone you love, there are several factors to keep in mind.  Safety, ease of use and of course, the most economic choice.

Safety is the number one concern in any choice of a lift solution.  Simple controls and easy to use features are a must for any lift system.   There is no place for confusion or complex controls in the everyday user’s life, much less for someone with impaired vision or cognitive abilities.  And for not only the safety of the lift user, but for the household as a whole, your lift should have all of the proper safety features in place.  These include safety belts, safety switches that ensure there is nothing in the path of the lift as it moves, and internal speed control to be sure the lift is not moving too quickly.

CARE - Curved Stair Lift

A solution that makes economic sense should also be made.  While some companies will try to sell you the “Cadillac of lifts”, our goal at CARE is to ensure you have the comfort, safety and reliability you need.  If the most basic of our lifts meets those criteria for you and your home, then that will be our first recommendation.   

Full access to your home gives you back your sense of independence and freedom.   And through the assistance of one of CARE’s accessibility specialists, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your lift was chosen for your specific needs.   Whether it is a standard lift or a custom lift solution for your home, you can be sure your lift will perform faithfully so you are ensured the complete access to your home that you need for your independence at all times. 

Remember, when choosing the right lift for your home, safety and comfort should come before anything else.   Call today to have one of CARE’s accessibility specialists work with you and your medical professional to determine the perfect lift for you and your home.


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