Bathe CARE-free with a Barrier Free Shower System

Any home or facility that has someone with limited mobility can benefit from the safety, beauty and convenience of a barrier free shower system.   A barrier free shower eliminates one of the biggest fall hazards in the bathroom and makes for a safer, more convenient bathing experience for people with all levels of ability.

The concept for a barrier free shower first came into use for those confined to a wheelchair.  However, it was soon realized that a barrier free shower also serves the needs of those with arthritis, an impaired sense of balance, or with other debilitating conditions such as MS and ALS.  At CARE, we work hard to provide a luxurious, easy to maintain and above all else, safe bathing solution for any home or facility.


A variety of solutions are readily available to meet both your needs and budget.  A custom built and tiled solution is of course always available.  However, the prefabricated shower units of today (pictured above) have come a long way from their beginning roots and are definitely worth the look. The new prefabricated systems now have the look of real tile, come in a variety of finish options to match the decor and color scheme of your bathroom, and are built with quality and long term use in mind.  The design of these systems allows for quick and reliable installations in a matter of days, so you no longer have to lose the use of your bathroom for weeks!   And due to solid backing construction, many amenities such as grab bars, shower seats other convenience and safety aids can be installed anywhere at any time, without the concern of locating the studs in your wall.  As an added bonus, they include a 30 year warranty!

Contact the Accessibility Specialists at CARE for more information on any of our safe bathing solutions.


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